Journeys to Health

Chapter 28: Teddy’s Overall Experience

Welcome to Chapter 28 of the Blog Series Journeys to Health!

Previously in Chapter 27 we discussed Teddy’s progress and success working with Nancy thus far. He discusses how life-changing it has been
working with her. Other people have also commented on how great Teddy looks now, how his walking has improved so much, and
how overall he just looks healthier than they have ever seen him. Teddy also describes how disciplined he’s been with Nancy’s advice, making
sure not to stray from his diet and supplement routine. This week, we share the rest of Teddy’s experience and his advice to those seeking wellness.

What inspired you to move through any discomfort on your journey working with Nancy?

Teddy: At the beginning I was definitely – you know, with the diet and the supplements, whether it was detox or whatever – but I definitely
felt I was getting worse. But there was some connection there that when I would come in, you would just say that you have to trust me, you
just have to really trust me and understand that you’re going to get better. And that’s what – I felt something there that I just… The trust
just – just saying that I have to stick to it and I did.  And then once I started seeing that, “Oh I’m really getting better,” the trust built up even
more. I just said I have to do this because there’s something here that I never felt, going to any other – all these other neurologists and all the
medication I was on and, yeah.

Nancy: It’s really interesting.  Yeah.  You’re just an inspiring person. I believe you have so much self-discipline and you’ve really applied
yourself. We’ve been a really good team together. You know, as a practitioner, I’m always satisfied when people get better. But with you, there’s a lot of awe. You know, for me you are an awe-inspiring patient in my practice.  And I have so much gratitude
that you really hang in there. And you continue to get better. The other day I was just in a state of amazement that you said to me, you were
actually running a little bit on your treadmill.  I kind of wanted you to walk but you actually ran a little bit.

Teddy: A little bit. Yeah. I could actually, like, jog a little bit.  You know, it was 2.6 on the treadmill but I could run a little, jog for like may be
30 – 45 seconds and then I would walk again. And then I could maybe do another little short jog, and I continue to do it everyday. It’s crazy.
And you’ve got to understand that I’ve been suffering for 25 plus years, like, literally suffering.

Nancy: And I know we have things that, we’re still working on.  And you were, you really were suffering.  You know, when I first met you,
it was very difficult for you to string three or four words together.

Teddy: Yeah, the brain fog was absolutely crazy.

If you had one thing to share about your experience with working with Nancy to those seeking wellness, what would that be?

Teddy: You will just have to trust her.  You’ll have to just do what she says and put the time in to it… Do the supplements and do the diet and just
trust her because you’re going to get better. You’re going to get better. It’s life changing. It’s life changing. There’s no other – it really is. Just the
caring attitude and just looking at all the different options of let’s try this and listening to what I had to say… And your thoughtfulness, your
patience… and just- you’re a caring individual, it works for me, you know. And like I said, I was suffering for 25 years and the benefits now
from where I was and where I am now, it’s life changing.

Nancy: Yeah. It’s amazing to me. You inspire me every time you come in the door.  And in my- inside of my world- I have this feeling that you’re
just going to continue to get better. I know that sounds crazy.  I mean, I know you’re in your 50’s and a lot of people would say, no. When you’re in
your 50’s, you’re going down the tubes, you’re not improving, you know. But you just still have so much opportunity for improvement, and we
haven’t used all the tools in the tool box. You know, there’s still more to go and nerves take a long time to heal. And a lot of people say, well, if
you have MS they never heal but that’s not my experience with you, Teddy. You, kind of, break the rules of the disease and that’s the possibility. You know, the possibility is that, okay, maybe there are – this is how the disease normally goes, but I’m going to try something really
different and see where that leads. And it is leading to better function for you. If not slowing down – if not stopping the disease process, at least
slowing it down to the point where you can do so many other things.

Teddy: Oh absolutely. It reversed a lot of symptoms that I had. For years I couldn’t walk and there were days I could only walk two-three minutes
max. I’m walking 30 minutes every single day now… And I’m not cured but my quality of life is so much better, just overall so much better. I love
talking about my journey and how you’ve helped me so much and you’ve put in the time. Just go to Nancy, see her, I mean, she can help with so
many different things in so many different ways.

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