Chapter 2: Christie and Jason Discover Nancy

Welcome to Chapter 2 of the Blog Series Journeys to Health!

This week on Journeys to Health, Christie and Jason Discover Nancy. One of the important things to know about working with a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner is their focus on finding the root of your illness, rather than focusing on just your symptoms. That involves a deeper, personalized look at your health challenges and lifestyle habits. Nothing is ever suggested, and no path is ever explored without your full understanding of your unique health state. Both practitioner and client need to be present and give 100% to the process in-order for the outcome to be successful.

Nancy: What was it like for you during the intake, to sit down and discuss [your health], and discuss creating a plan with me?

Jason: It was more than I got out of the 10, 15, 20 doctors that I met with combined. You actually sat down and took the time to do a very thorough analysis of everything that was going on. It gave me a positive outlook on the future. You were drilling into all of the specific symptoms that I was having. Above all, I was starting to build that faith that you were going to be able to help me to overcome
what I’ve been dealing with for 15 -20 years.

Nancy: Yes it was really an interesting situation, because, it turns out it wasn’t just your esophagus. I really pulled back the layers and looked at everything that was going on for you: sleep, life choices, food choices and stress, etc. My focus was to understand who this person is and how this person is in his life. And Christie you are amazing because not only were you working on your own health,
but you were supporting your husband. You were both working together so beautifully in helping each other shift your lifestyle around.
There was self-care, body-care, and exercises that you both had to do on a daily basis – it was a commitment, right?

Christie: Absolutely. We knew what we were getting into with this type of health journey. I knew that, if we’re going to do this, we must do it 100%. One of the things that I saw was everybody was always quick to make a judgment or an assessment of what was happening.
I’d talk to people who claim they’re experts and knowledgeable, and we had actually gone to different health food stores, but nobody really listened to him. Some of the assumptions they made led to recommendations that resulted in making the situation worse. One of the things that was really big for me was that it was more than just the symptoms. It’s like you said – the whole person being taken into account.
That’s very important because people today don’t instinctively think that way. That was a big confirmation for me that we were on the right path.

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