Journeys to Health

Chapter 11: Diane and Nathan Discover Nancy

Welcome to Chapter 11 of the Blog Series Journeys to Health!

At this point in Nathan’s journey, he was out of school for 2 years. He just couldn’t function. The school had been working
with him to keep him connected but it just resulted in him watching every single one of his friends graduate and move on.
It was very disheartening for his mother, Diane, to watch.

Eventually they were able to get him to a Lyme literate doctor. Unfortunately, he was not able to help. He talked about
changing Nathan’s diet, but he did not custom make a diet for him to follow.

He just didn’t know enough about what you needed to do and which bacteria’s are in him and
how they affect the body like you do. There was suggestion to another herbalist, who is great you
know, they helped other people, but it still wasn’t enough. At this point, my husband – he laughs now,
but at that point, we were like, you know what, if someone came up to us and said, smear him with
honey, throw him in the woods and let the bears lick it off, we would do it, cause we were that desperate.

In their great desperation to find results from multiple practitioners, Diane and Nathan would eventually cross paths
with Nancy. They were referred to her by another herbalist because of her extensive knowledge in treating Lyme disease.

It was like a breath of relief after two years with no results. They were finally able to talk to someone who could explain
what was happening to his body, which bacteria was affecting him, and how to treat him.

I’ll never forget the analogy of our bodies being like a beautiful city, and the bacteria are
like gangs that move in and take over. So the idea was to kill as many off as we can and build
up the immune system at the same time. Then it can be strong enough to, you know, control
the rest, cause you never really fully 100% get rid of them. You can, however, beat them by
changing your diet and everything.