Journeys to Health

Chapter 12: Nathan’s Success, Diane’s Struggles

Welcome to Chapter 12 of the Blog Series Journeys to Health!

Previously in Chapter 11, we discussed how Diane and Nathan came to cross paths with Nancy. They were finally
able to talk to someone who could explain what was happening to his body, which bacteria was affecting him, and
how to treat him. This week, join us as we dive deeper into Nathan’s Success, and Diane’s struggles.

Nancy: You guys were just so committed, and he was so compliant. Hyperbaric treatment once a
week, all of these herbs, the supplements, you know, body care. I mean it’s a full-time job. Getting
his body to overcome it – all of us worked so hard. I’ll never forget the day he graduated from high
school. The photographs and the cars, I just cried – I cried really hard.

Diane: Oh yeah, oh my goodness. We couldn’t have done it without your help – really. I had my family
at the graduation and she’s like ‘ if they understood what he’s been through – he should be getting an
award for graduating. Just for being able to stand there this day.’ I honestly never thought we would see
the day.

Nancy: It was wonderful. Things shifted for you afterwards though. You got bit by a tick – kind of in the
later stages of your son.

Diane: Yeah, that was later but even before Nathan was sick, I had been sick for a long time. I had been
to doctors and they didn’t know what to do. They were checking for MS and Lyme, but the Lyme didn’t
show up since it was so deep in my system by then. They didn’t know how to properly test at the time, so I
learned how to live with it. I was miserable. By the time I saw you, I had already eliminated sugar and leek
from my diet, but it still wasn’t enough. At the time, it was all about Nathan. I kept saying, when we’re done
with him, it’s gonna be my turn.

Nancy: Yeah, most moms can really relate to that.

Diane: It was a win-win. We got there together because you knew what you were doing.

What did you learn from this journey, between you and your son?

Diane: I had learned how to trust the process while you were working with my son. I initially had my doubts
of course, but in hindsight that is why I’m able to encourage others. Nancy, you just know what you’re talking
about. The journey is long, but you WILL see the finish line and you WILL learn a better life. Nathan will be
the first one to tell you – he tells everybody to eat better. Realizing what you’re doing to your body – that is the
hard thing. We all go through this American lifestyle eating trash and getting affected by all the chemicals around
us. It’s absolutely wild, and then we wonder what is wrong with us. . . I have learnt to trust in what you say. You
custom make a diet, give herbs and supplements. . . I used to want to know every detail – why this, why that, and
why not that. I stopped asking because when you choose a certain food, you’re targeting a certain weakness in
your body. This food has exactly what it needs for that weakness, or a supplement that is going to support this part
of your system. I learnt to trust you and always remember what you told me, ‘Don’t try to be your own doctor.’

Nancy: Absolutely. You’re right. We have really great conversations because you run things by me too.

Diane: I was struggling with the constant UTI thing and I read and did my own research. I thought grapefruit seed
extract would be great that. I ran it by you and you said that can work but I know your body a bit more than you do,
and that is not a good thing.

Nancy: Right, it would have dried you out.

Diane: Exactly, and it was. It was a lesson learned. I needed someone who knew my body and was able to tell me
what to really take that was going to get me results. At that point, in our first appointment, I knew we were going to cover
everything naturally, without you even asking me the question. One thing just leads to the other. When I had gone to the
doctors, like I had before, they just did bloodwork. When I sit in your office you look at my tongue and listen to things.
I remember you looked at my tongue that day and went, ‘What the heck is wrong with your colon?’ I said, ‘Exactly, thank
you. That is why I’m here.’ I was truly astonished. You just simply knew by look at my tongue and what to do with it.

Diane's Struggles