Journeys to Health

Chapter 18: Irene Discovers Nancy

Welcome to Chapter 18 of the Blog Series Journeys to Health!

Previously in Chapter 17 we introduced Irene’s journey. She was the heaviest she had ever been and was overally feeling horrible.
Irene was already taking a medley of medications – including some to manage her blood pressure. When her doctor entered the
room, she did not have great news for Irene… It was in that moment that Irene realized she had to take control back over her life
or she was going to eventually die. Irene discovers Nancy through her own brother’s miraculous health journey and decides to dive
in head first.

How much pain/dysfunction or fear about your future health did you have before working with Nancy?

Irene: I mean, I was in terrible joint pain, I couldn’t sleep at night, and I had horrible bowel movements. I mean,
just everything. I knew that I was in a really bad downward spiral. I had brain fog, I couldn’t function, I couldn’t do

Nancy: And you were working ridiculously long hours still, and really abusing yourself that way.

Irene: Yeah, I had really lost myself in all this craziness and I just didn’t know where to start. I honestly didn’t know
where to start. I was just in a big, long dark hole and I just didn’t know how to lift myself out of it.

What was your initial intake process like?

Irene: I really felt this instant connection to you because you were listening very attentively to my health history, my
habits, and all that. Listening to you, how you were saying, you know, ‘We have a lot of work to do, and it’s not going to
be easy.’ You know, ‘I can turn this around for you’, and you said to me, ‘You work this program with me for like three
months and you go back to your doctor, she is going to be amazed, but you have to be dedicated and focused.’ I remember
I said to you, you know, ‘I’m so ready Nancy, like I really am so ready.’ I want it to be a life journey, I don’t want it to be
some quick fix and then, you know, go back to it.  You had all this knowledge…

Nancy: And you did go back to your doctor, and she was amazed.

Irene: Oh my God, my doctor’s jaw dropped. When she saw me, I almost felt like she was, kind of, disappointed that I had
this huge success. She said my blood sugar went from 6.9 to 5, it seriously dropped so much.  She was looking at all the results
and she was just stunned. It was almost like she really wanted to come in with her pad and write me the insulin, but when
she saw me and saw the weight loss – my blood pressure was down and just everything about me was starting to improve. I will
never forget that image. It was the same image when she said I had diabetes. I looked back when she was looking at me, this
time around, and I was just so proud of myself, and I was so grateful to you.

Irene Discovers Nancy