Journeys to Health

Chapter 19: Irene’s Progress and Success

Welcome to Chapter 19 of the Blog Series Journeys to Health!

Previously in Chapter 18 we introduced Irene’s discovery of Nancy. She discusses the overall dysfunction she was experiencing before
working with Nancy. Irene also discussed how her overall intake went, as well as her doctor’s reaction to her newfound appearance.
This week, we go through Irene’s progress and lifestyle changes thus far in her journey! While it’s only been a few months in, the
results she has experienced speak volumes by themself.

Did you learn new lifestyle and self-care solutions?

Irene: I mean I think it’s 3 months of going into this now, and what a healing journey it’s been. I’ve shed almost
40 pounds, just through like natural healing – no actual medicines, but like, herbal supplements and just taking a
walk on the beach and just taking time for myself. I limit my time at work now, and just really am better care of myself;
inside and out. You have been a huge, huge factor. It’s just so empowering. You taught me how to prepare foods and
how to shop for foods – the right foods for my health.

Did you feel supported through your ups and downs in the process?

Irene: Oh, you are my biggest cheerleader. I mean you just work tirelessly, and you genuinely care. I mean just your
knowledge and expertise in all this – Chinese medicine and natural remedies – it’s just really invaluable to me.

Nancy: Good. And we’re going to keep going, aren’t we?

Irene: Yes, we are. I mean, I am not looking back. I’m just, you know, moving forward – the knowledge you give me,
it’s so priceless to me. You come up with these different things for me, that just makes so much sense. Like my children
will comment on the ways that I prepare meals for them, and I say, ‘well, you’re eating healthy.’ They just devour like
everything. Just the way I’m cooking and my whole mental state has been transformed. I’m not missing the sugar, I’m
not missing the flour, I’m not missing the, you know, the cake – I feel full and satisfied.

Nancy: That’s wonderful. That’s a really big step. We started in summer, and we’re at the fourth month now, and you had
a miraculous turn around – radically but also spiritually and emotionally. We worked together in many different ways; we’re
working herbally, we’re doing table work or we’re doing cupping. We’re just trying to get your body to relax and feel healthy.
You really started some exercises now because you feel like you have the strength to.

Irene: Yeah, I have the strength, I have the energy. I mean just the cupping alone… I do daily massages with someone else I
go to – and she does a good job, but the way that you do the bodywork, I’ve never ever experienced it. Like the cupping, I’ve
never had cupping like that. While you’re doing it, it’s a little uncomfortable, but the next day it’s like what just happened? It’s
almost like I can stand up straight. My aches have, kind of, like diminished. I feel a real connection with you. Like I’m seen as
an individual, as opposed to when you go to the doctor’s office. You’re typically just like a number there with the prescription
tablet is ready to be written in. You really listen though, and you really take the time to put down this program together with me.