Journeys to Health

Chapter 8: Lynn’s Triumphs and Struggles

Welcome to Chapter 8 of the Blog Series Journeys to Health!

Previously in Chapter 7, we discussed Lynn’s experience up to the point of working with Nancy and what
the intake process was like for her. Join us this week as we explore Lynn’s journey more – her triumphs,
her struggles, and anything else she learned along her healing journey.

How long did it take for your health conditions to feel manageable and then resolve?

Nancy: Natural happened healings are so different than western medicine – both have their place in this world.
Sometimes it’s really important to get rapid alleviation in symptomatology, especially if it’s life threatening. With chronic
illnesses, western medicine is not so patient with. The journey you have to take in a chronic situation can be scary – you’ll
feel better and then you’ll regress. Your body is going through a swing of homeostasis because homeostasis is a dynamic
process, not just a static one. You go through periods where you question it out and get scared again. I think there were a
lot of those with your journey because there are so many organs and systems that were really near the bring of collapse with

Lynn: That’s right. I think you do a wonderful job of explaining that to people. I believe you said, ‘for every year that you
have felt unwell, it will take a month or two to heal, per year.’ So for me it had been seven years of feeling very unwell – I
believe it took over a year and it was definitely a journey. What I loved most about it was coming from the medical world in
pharmaceutical sales, I really had to surrender to this different way of thinking and understanding. We’re not treating symptoms;
we’re treating a cause of the symptom. Although you were wonderful about telling me exactly what I needed to do in the
western medicine world, what I learned is the things that you work on are often prior to a symptom even showing up.

Nancy: That’s a good point.

Did you learn new lifestyle and self-care solutions?

Lynn: What I found really fascinating, and I found it to be the key to preventing the symptoms, is to understand in the ways
that you do use both ayurvedic and western medicine techniques. Studying the tongue, studying pulses – you’re able to determine
and detect problems before they would show up. You’re going to have some days where you have healing crisis. You’re wonderful
about allowing people to understand if that’s normal, but also holding their hands through it. It can be scary at times, depending on
how severe the crisis is, but the beauty of working with you Nancy, is that you’re always there, anytime of day or night – I mean with
some obvious restrictions, you do need to sleep. You’re always very responsive though. If it’s not that night, it’s the next morning
and you’re walking the journey with your clients – it’s an incredible experience.

Nancy: Yeah.  I actually just feel like a guide. I’ve been down this road so many times, just take my hand. I’m going be there with you,
I’m not going to abandon you, it is a journey. I love the healing journey. From my perspective sometimes, there is some frustration when
I see people suffering, I don’t like to see suffering. I mean I got into this health practice to alleviate suffering in the world in a little way
that I can.  It’s hard for me when I see people going through a place where their body is swinging in a homeostatic kind of mechanism. The
body is trying to heal itself and its swinging to that place where there are symptoms, but those symptoms are a part of the process of the
body itself throwing off the state of disease. One of the things that you and I were so amazed about was when you were coming to the tail
end of your journey here on Lyme. Your body was really throwing it off, you actually produced the original rash on the back of your neck.
You were concerned about what happened but I reassured you it’s coming to the surface.

Lynn: I was and I remember you likened it to peeling back the layers of an onion. Over the years, I had a lot of symptoms, I had GI symptoms,
I had neurological symptoms and in the healing journey, each of those things did come back up to some extent and we addressed them together.
You also learn that disease is so much more than a pathogen – it’s your environment, it’s your emotional relationship to trauma, it’s you know,
what you put in your mouth, it’s your level of exercise. Your body always wants to heal but we have to learn how to support it in ways that will
make that healing more likely and more effective.

Lynn's Journey - Triumphs & Struggles