Journeys to Health

Chapter 16: Mike’s Overall Experience

Welcome to Chapter 16 of the Blog Series Journeys to Health!

Previously in Chapter 15 we introduced how Mike discovered Nancy upon talking with a friend about their own
treatment and success story working with her. He had finally felt that everything was starting to align for him to
take back control over his life by making some changes. Nancy had made the overall experience easy to digest
and implement into his everyday life.

Did you feel supported through your ups and downs in the process?

Mike: Oh no question about it. You have been there every step of the way. There will be weeks that
will go by when we don’t necessarily interact, but then we may continue about three or four times in
a week. That’s always on my schedule, not yours. I’m not always easy to reach, but you’re very responsive.

Did you learn anything new that you didn’t know that woke something up in you?

Mike: Yeah, I mean I do have some experience studying nutrition from some other things that I’ve
done in my life. I’ve never studied in this direction though, so I learned many new things. One example
being how you combine foods and certain meals can either be beneficial or detrimental. Knowing which
types of foods to eat together was very important, especially with some of the digestive problems I was having.

Nancy: I know we’re still in the process together, but how long did it take before you started saying,
“hey, this is really helping and really working for me”?

Mike: I would say, you know, most of it was on me. I consciously, and slowly, started this because I’m
not the type that can just flip a switch. I really have to integrate any change over a period of time. Some
of my habits were so bad, so I would say 3 to 4 weeks in, I really started to notice changes. My weight loss
accelerated, and then I started to feel my joint pains started to dissipate at about that point.

Nancy: That’s really great. Things continued to progress slowly, but really I think with a lot of positive
emotion, so that’s really good.

Mike: I noticed one interesting thing is that if I get off my own plan now for any period of time, I’ll start
to feel it over the next several days. It’s a great reminder to get back on that plan. It definitely takes commitment,
but there’s been consistent progress. I’ve lost at least a little bit of weight for instance, every week, and I’m
up over 20 pounds since I started.

Nancy: And the bloating in your intestines has really flattened out, you feel much better there?

Mike: Yeah, that was something else I learned. I just figured I gained a lot of weight and that was just my
new shape. In reality there were other things going on in my constitutional type that you’ve been able to help
alleviate. I would say, I don’t know, maybe 6 weeks in, that really started to change. It was one of those things
were if I slipped off the plan it came back pretty quickly which indicates that it’s not just belly fat or anything like
that. There was other things going on, so that’s all gotten a lot better too.

If you had one thing to share about your experience working with Nancy to those seeking wellness, what would that be?

Mike: Sure, and I mean I think I‘ve know this forever, but, there is no pill or immediate solution. There is no diet,
there is no workout program that is just going to change everything overnight. However, it can happen relatively
quickly if you’re committed to the plan. You got to give it a little bit of trust, and you’ve got to give a little bit of
time – especially with meal prep and things like that. It eventually just becomes a normal part of life. Change is hard,
so you don’t have to do it all at once. That was the great thing about working with you. We sort of ramped and integrated
things over about a month. I would say that you really have the tools. On the flip side of that, the patient has to have
that commitment. If you are truly committed to making change, I think Nancy is an ideal person to work with because
she really understands it.

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