What is Auriculotherapy?

Auriculotherapy is a medical technique that was discovered and developed by Dr. Paul Nogier back in 1957. Dr Nogier’s work has since been continued and currently, Dr Britmatter has established effective “ear point protocols” for modern day health concerns that can be duplicated by trained auriculo-therapists. 

This non-invasive therapy involves ear seeds that are applied directly to the exterior part of the ear. High precision is required to stimulate the ear’s surface to treat other conditions of the body. It has been practiced for many generations in varying cultures to help people heal various pain conditions. Recent studies are demonstrating other traditional uses of Auriculotherapy are just as applicable, such as mental or emotional issues, insomnia, weight management, and even internal disorders. It often succeeds where other treatments have failed, while simultaneously leaving no side effects.

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Want to Learn more?

Nan would like to share with you this in-depth Auriculotherapy guide to help dispel myths and correct any confusion about what this treatment is all about. Feel free to share it with friends or family that you think could benefit from this non-invasive treatment. This in-depth guide can also help if you’re discussing with anyone about what Nan does, so there’s no confusion!

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