Journeys to Health

Chapter 23: Danielle’s Progress and Success

Welcome to Chapter 23 of the Blog Series Journeys to Health!

Previously in Chapter 22 we introduced Danielle’s discovery of Nancy. She discussed the overall dysfunction and debilitation she was
experiencing before working with Nancy. Danielle also discussed how her overall intake went, explaining how exhausting the whole
process was for her – even her drive to and from her appointments. This week, we go through Danielle’s progress and success over the
course of her treatment.

How long did it take for your health conditions to feel manageable?

Daniellie:  I remember you telling me when we first met that it would be at the five months or six months
mark before I was going to start seeing some change. You were seriously right on the money. Right when
that five or six month mark hit I had started to see a little bit of change. Things were starting to finally shift,
and I was like, ‘oh my god, this might actually be working.’

Nancy: Yeah. By eight months, I think I remember that change. I had thought to myself, ‘she’s going to be
in a six to eight month recovery phase and feel a little worse during the treatments.’ Then you were going to
have 3- 4 days or 4- 5 days where you would feel really, really great. I figured right around that time you
would start to realize that, but of course you’re also going through that time of your life where you’re going
through the change. That was layered on top of this whole process, moving into your perimenopause period
of time. It became really interesting. It was definitely not a straightforward line.

Danielle: Yeah, that was like a ray of hope when I started having some good periods of days versus just having
continuous bad days… Then it just slowly started becoming better times versus bad times, even better sleep.

Nancy: You even went back to work full time after the COVID shut down.

Danielle: Yeah, I didn’t go back full time, but I have multiple part time jobs that are flexible. I wouldn’t be able
to even fathom being able to focus on working multiple part time jobs back when I first saw you. There was no
way I could’ve done that.

Nancy: Exactly. No way. And it was really interesting. I love how you describe the six months mark. I mean you
came and you did the program, but there was a part of you that was still skeptical like, ‘what if this doesn’t work,’
and ‘I’m not sure this is gonna work?’ However,  when that six months mark happened, you just opened up. It was
like you just kind of relaxed and opened up when you thought, ‘omg, I’m actually doing better.’ I see you come in
with your big smile now. You’re taking care of your dog, you’re taking care of your home, and you’re working now.
It’s really wonderful to see, especially given the way you originally came into the office. You could barely walk. I
mean just to get from the car to the clinic rooms, you’d have to sit and rest. I remember having to help you come
out of the hyperbaric chamber – you could barely get out. Then you’d have to wait and sit, then you’d be breathless.
It was just – really you’ve come so far, it’s amazing. You even take walks now in the woods.

Danielle: Yeah. It was kind of like, conquering a bit of fear during this shutdown of COVID. I wanted – I was
craving nature, but I was afraid of nature because of the ticks. So I made sure to arm myself with a tick deterrent and
there’s actually a trail in my neighborhood. So I started going and taking walks in the woods. I remember the first time
going in there. I had so much anxiety but I was like, ‘you’re gonna start doing this every day.’ It was just so nice to be
back out there. But I’d definitely get anxiety about it still. I’m always aware of my environment. If I find a tick on the
dog or myself I definitely have a… heart pounding reaction.

Danielle's Progress