Journeys to Health

Chapter 15: Mike Discovers Nancy

Welcome to Chapter 15 of the Blog Series Journeys to Health!

Previously in Chapter 14 we introduced Mike’s journey. He had been struggling on and off with weight gain,
experienced overall digestive discomfort, and had degeneration in his neck and back. Mike discovers Nancy
upon talking with a friend about their own treatment and success story working with her. He finally felt that
everything was starting to align for him to take back control over his life by making some changes.

What was your initial intake process like?

Mike: I would say that for me, while it was extensive, it wasn’t a difficult process. I’ve been dealing with
some of these issues for multiple decades, so I went through a wide variety of different doctors and specialists
to consider them. As a result, I’ve been through a lot of intakes before. At this age, you know where your aches
and pains are so it’s pretty easy to describe them, but [this intake] was more complete. It really made me think
about everything.

Nancy: Were you skeptical or sensitive before you started?

Mike: Oh yeah, I certainly was. I was so conditioned to traditional western medicine, but I had reached a point
where none of that was working. I also felt like.. the answers that I was getting were very indecisive in terms of
what could be wrong and what my treatment paths might be. So, as skeptical as I may have been to consider
alternative ways to approach this combined with the frustration I was experiencing, it sort of defected the skepticism.
There were definitely times I thought to myself, “is this just hocus pocus or is this real?”

Nancy: Did I explain things enough for you? Was it clear and in layman’s terms so you could get a sense of what it was?

Mike: Oh definitely. I think there is a lot of very firm science behind it. It would get pretty technical, but you’re great
at breaking it down. If I didn’t understand something, you were always willing to listen to more questions. I think you
make it very easy to sort of understand what’s going on.

Mike Disovers Nancy