Journeys to Health

Chapter 26: Teddy Discovers Nancy

Welcome to Chapter 26 of the Blog Series Journeys to Health!

Previously in Chapter 25, we introduced Teddy’s journey. After turning 30, Teddy’s symptoms started progressing more.
He was struggling to function properly and couldn’t walk or think straight. He was going back and forth with a plethora of
neurologists trying to figure out the source of his issues. He was eventually diagnosed with MS and began seeing Dr John
Marchese. Dr. Marchese was able to help keep Teddy’s condition from spiraling but felt there was not much else he could do.
That’s when he referred Teddy to the Water’s Edge Wellness practice to begin treatment with Nancy.

What was your initial intake process like?

Teddy: I thought you were very thorough. And I just felt that – from the beginning, there was something there that you could
help me. It was something different than every other place I had went to, you know.

Nancy: Did you feel as if I heard your case?

Teddy: Yeah. You really laid out the ground work. . You got to stick with me and even at the beginning I did feel a little worse.
No, I felt worst at the beginning with the diet and…

Nancy: The diet was so hard. It was sort of like you went through this detox period… And then you started getting better.

Teddy: Yeah. After 3 – 4 month I saw a small sign that I was improving with my bowels and my bladder, and my legs started to
feel a little better… And I just – small improvements through a 3 year period.

Nancy: Yeah. It’s been kind of a remarkable process. I know there has been ups and downs and we’ve – it’s been a very dynamic
situation because we kind of shifted the program moving forward.

Teddy Discovers Nancy