Journeys to Health

Chapter 1: Christie and Jason’s Story Begins

Welcome to Chapter 1 of the Blog Series Journeys to Health!

This week on Journeys to Health, Christie and Jason’s story begins. They are a wonderful couple that have agreed to share their health journey together .

Jason’s Beginning

When Jason was  10 or 11 years old – he started having acid reflux and was put on a PPI (proton pump inhibitor). He continued with that treatment for 15-20 years until he met Nancy. When Jason finally reached out for help, he was past the point of desperation.
All of the doctors he saw had told him he had Barrett’s disease due to the esophageal erosion, which would essentially lead to esophageal cancer. Not only was he in a lot of pain, but he was also fearful of his future health and how his life was going to pan out:

“Every doctor I went to – Mayo clinic and even several private GI doctors – all essentially said the same thing.
There was no form of a solution or path to heal myself. I was at a point in my life where I pretty much hit rock
bottom and didn’t know how much longer I had – or how long it would take before all these [advancing health
imbalances] would start to take effect and evolve into cancer.”

Christie’s Beginning

Back in 2013, Christie had started noticing an increase of symptoms that began to feel unmanageable once she and Jason moved to Orlando.
She was getting hives every day and experiencing digestive issues. Christie had struggled with her digestive system since she was young, leading
up to a situational event that caused her severe anxiety. Overall, she was just not in a good mental or physical state.

Christie had tried changing her diet but had struggled with what was healthy for her body specifically. Eventually, she had reached an overwhelming
breaking point on one of her trips to the ER to manage her hives. Every day she had been taking an even higher dose of allergy medication to control
the outbreaks – but with no real success. Jason had already started working with Nancy, so Christie decided it was her turn to work on her health.

Christie and Jason's Story Begins