Journeys to Health

Chapter 5: Christie and Jason’s Overall Experience

Welcome to Chapter 5 of the Blog Series Journeys to Health!

This week on Journeys to Health, we review Christie and Jason’s overall experience working with Nancy. They both
have been treating with Nancy for quite some time now – with incredible results. Not only that, but they also worked
beautifully together as a couple to encourage and support one another. Their story has been – both together and
individually – truly inspiring to witness.

Nancy: Starting with you Christie, if you have one thing to share about your experience with working with me, and working
holistically – to those who are seeking wellness out there – what would that one thing be?

Christie: For those who know about health or have even a small amount of understanding – forget everything you know. Don’t
bring anything to the table! Open your mind and heart to the journey that Nancy brings. In fact, this experience has always felt very
personal – like we were in partnership with you. If there is fear, insecurity, or worry about if this is going to work or not – trust
that Nancy knows what she’s doing. Altogether, she is somebody who really cares and puts the time and effort into studying everything
she can to give you the whole answer! The only sad thing I can say is there aren’t more of you.

Nancy: Thank you, amazing. I didn’t expect that but thank you. And Jason, if you have one thing to share about your experience
with others – not just working with me, but also in the process – what would that be?

Jason: Without a doubt, I think there is a great opportunity for people like me who have lost hope to get it renewed. Christie and
I were talking about the specific difference between western medicine and what you do. You combine a multitude of different modalities
and the main difference working with you is that you’re working to treat the symptom initially to resolve some pain – but behind the
scenes, you are working on a strategic plan to root out the actual problem and work to heal that.

Nancy: Absolutely, the internet creates this 5-minute hope and then it dashes people’s realities. It creates more despair instead of
encouraging them to slow down and work on this journey together. And it’s very true, Jason, people in your situation – with that level
of imbalance – they do lose hope. They start looking around frantically and think what they found is going to be a quick thing – but it’s
not. Fast is not always the answer. It is a leap of faith to leave one paradigm of belief and thought and to enter a different paradigm. The
leap that you’re talking about – you both made it. Above all, you worked and worked inside this new paradigm, and something emerged
for both of you – a better life and better health.

Jason: We share our journey with our friends and its hard for them to get their head wrapped around this. It’s hard for them to conceive
that eating a proper diet and taking the right herbal remedies will help their problems because they’ve never been exposed to any other
healing paradigm. They are unwilling to explore anything beyond what they are currently familiar with.

Christie: Right. And it’s not unbearable. Its’ not. It takes a little bit of work, but it’s not unbearable at all.

Nancy: Yes, it’s hard to see that with the people you care about. Thank you both for sharing your story with people who are making
the consideration to explore a new avenue of health and healing.

Christie and Jason's Overall Experience