Journeys to Health

Chapter 4: Christie’s Progress and Success

Welcome to Chapter 4 of the Blog Series Journeys to Health!

This week on Journeys to Health, we discuss Christie’s progress and success. There is typically not a one-shoe-fits-all solution when it comes
to natural health. To get real results, it’s important to understand your entire body and what it needs, specifically. You could be feeding your body the
healthiest foods and supplements on the market, but if it’s not optimal for your constitutional type, your body may not completely process those foods and supplements and then you are just feeding the underlying dysfunction.

Nancy: Where are you at now in your journey? How are your hives and digestion?

Christie: Well, looking back, I was remembering some of the other things that were going on as well – my allergies
were severe, the congestion, and my lack of energy. I mean I was just tired all the time – I wasn’t even working that
hard at the time. And I did the best that I could to try and eat healthy, but I think back now and what was I even thinking?

Jason: You were absolutely exhausted. For example, you would get up, have 2 cups of coffee, and by 10 o’clock
you were exhausted. And when you eat certain foods that were not right for you – even in the smallest amounts – it would
adversely affect your body.

Christie: For people who have some awareness of health, you don’t know what you don’t know. I have a very
sensitive digestion system apparently. I never really thought of myself that way. But now my energy levels have gone
up, my allergies subsided, and the hives eventually went away. Fast forward two years to today, I can occasionally get
6 hours of sleep and still function optimally. Previously, I wouldn’t have been able to even function, I would have
needed to take a nap due to severe fatigue. Jason marvels at how little I eat – he doesn’t understand how I have energy at all!

Jason: I’m the polar opposite of her. I require a lot of protein and carbohydrates. I feel absolutely exhausted without it.

Nancy: And you were young at the time too Christie – it’s not as if you were sixty at the time and saying “I’m tired.” Now
your allergies are minimal and no rashes… And you’re both right – we’re all different and we all need to be handled
differently. There is no one size fits all.

Christie's Progress and Success