Journeys to Health

Chapter 22: Danielle Discovers Nancy

Welcome to Chapter 22 of the Blog Series Journeys to Health!

Previously in Chapter 21, we introduced Danielle’s journey. She had been experiencing stomach issues her whole life and just wanted
answers and solutions. She exhausted her options with gastro doctors and even health coaches. After finding out she had Lyme’s disease,
she tried the regular course of treatment – doxycycline. Unfortunately, Danielle ended up with esophagitis after one treatment and was
then recommended to find a Lyme specialist. Her luck continued to dwindle after 2 years of treatment with the Lyme specialist and no
signs of significant improvement. Feeling defeated, Danielle took a break from treatments – occasionally dabbling in alternative therapies.
She was desperately trying to find something or someone that resonated with her, and then finally Danielle discovers Nancy.

How much pain/dysfunction or fear about your future health did you have before working with Nancy?

Nancy: And you were pretty debilitated, right?  I mean, you were having a hard time working and taking care of
the house and…

Danielle: Yeah. I got to a point where I was sleeping 20 hours a day. I was getting lost driving in the town I live in
when I would travel to work. I would come back to the airport and I couldn’t even get out of the parking garage..
It wasn’t until somebody put me in touch with one of your past clients and said, ‘you need to talk to this person, she
tried something and it really worked for her.’ I always talk to other people who have Lyme and have gone through different
things because of course, it’s not one size fits all. What works for one person doesn’t work for another person. But when
you’re desperate you talk to everybody. And then for me it was a matter of when I talk to them does that feel right to me.
So I had talked to somebody who had gone to you and she described her journey with Lyme, and with you, and how she
was, like, 90% better most of the time. I figured I have nothing to lose.  If I don’t do something soon, I’m gonna be
more debilitated..

Nancy: Yes. Exactly. That’s true.

Danielle:   So I reached out to you and came. I was very guarded, hesitant, and at my wit’s end. I was just kind of like..
I don’t know who I trust.

Nancy: I don’t blame you either.  You had been through so much. One of the things I remember is that you described
the neuropathy type symptoms that were just – they were pretty upsetting. They hurt and kept you awake at night. It
was almost 24/7 that you had the neuropathy in your arms, forearms, hands, and even down in front of your thighs. It
was pretty bad.

Danielle: Yeah, it was 24/7 and it was hard going through this. You lose who you are completely. You have to grieve
who you were.. You have to grieve who you thought you were going to be, and then you have to figure out who you are
through each stage of all of this treatment and healing

What was your initial intake process like?

Danielle: You asked a lot of questions and I thought to myself, ‘I got to go through this again and is it going to be worth
it?’ It was definitely exhausting.

Nancy: I remember that, you were so tired at the end of it.

Danielle: Yeah it was exhausting even just coming there. At the beginning I was getting rides up to you really until COVID
hit, and then I was, like, ‘okay, think I can do this on my own.’ I didn’t want to put anyone else out there during COVID. It
was tough, I remember for the first couple months of driving myself, sometimes on the way home I would have to pull over.

Danielle Discovers Nancy