Journeys to Health

Chapter 21: Danielle’s Story Begins

Welcome to Chapter 21 of the Blog Series Journeys to Health!

Danielle’s story begins back in 2014 when she finally exhausted her options with varying gastro doctors. She had been experiencing
stomach issues her whole life and just wanted answers and solutions. Danielle had undergone invasive tests with the G.I. doctors,
and even worked with a health coach to cut out food sensitivities.

“That started helping me but I really started to decline in health rapidly. [The health coach] told me to go
get tested for Lyme disease. So, I went to my primary care, they tested me, and I came back positive. However,
according to the CDC, I didn’t have all the strands to be technically considered positive for Lyme disease.”

Luckily, Danielle had enough strands and all the symptoms that her primary care doctor got her started on doxycycline. Alas, that luck
ran out quickly when she found out she was unable to continue treatment with her primary care doctor using doxycycline. Danielle had
developed esophagitis after just one dose of it and was told she needed more support than the practice could provide her.

“She was trying to be very careful because she wanted to help, but because of her practice she had her hands
tied and couldn’t do it. So I had gone to an online specialist and she kept saying I have these symptoms but until
they get worse, they weren’t gonna test me for these co-infections. I said why are we gonna wait until it gets
worse? I don’t want it to get worse!”

Danielle continued her journey searching for yet another doctor to work with. Not only was it extremely difficult to get in to see someone,
most primary care doctors were unwilling to take her on as a client. Eventually, she found a Lyme specialist willing to work with her. 

“That’s where I started doing a lot of – a mix of supplements and prescription medications. That’s also where I
ended up getting a picc line for almost two years. I definitely got some improvements but in return, I became toxic.
I started vomiting violently anytime I took anything through the picc line or orally within minutes of taking it.”

After two years with no real success, Danielle’s lyme specialist declared there was nothing else she was able to do. She had exhausted
all the tools in her toolbox. The specialist recommended she seek out alternative treatments, such as bee venom therapy and ozone therapy.
Feeling defeated, Danielle took a break from treatments – occasionally dabbling in alternative therapies. She was desperately trying to find
something or someone that resonated with her.

Danielle's Story Begins