Journeys to Health

Chapter 13: Diane and Nathan’s Overall Experience

Welcome to Chapter 13 of the Blog Series Journeys to Health!

Previously in Chapter 12, we discussed Nathan’s overall success, and Diane’s struggles with her own sickness.
They both learned the value of nutrition and learning to trust the process. This week, join us as we go over
their overall experience working with Nancy. Additionally, She also shares some advice for anyone seeking out

Do you still continue care with Nancy?

Diane: It’s great, I mean. There’s still sort of this continual care. I cannot believe we came in 2016.
It feels like it’s been 20 years. I mean that in a beautiful way too! Furthermore, Nathan is a full grown
adult now. As a result of his treatments, he’s completely normal. For instance, He does landscaping
now, and he hikes mountains. . .

Nancy: Hiking mountains. It’s so incredible. Of course he’ll come to me like, ‘Hey Nan, I’m feeling a
little bit off. Can I have a meeting with you?’ He just knows, you know? It should be noted that I really
enjoy the continual care. It always makes my heart smile! On the other hand, I certainly don’t like when
any of my clients are not feeling well. When we work really closely in the beginning and then people get
mostly better. . . I just love when they check back in with me, you know, for weird things that might go off.

Diane: Absolutely, life happens. When you have chronic issues, that stuff just doesn’t go away. Therefore,
you need to learn how to manage it. That’s when I have to contact you. Like, I had a weird rash inside my
mouth on my gums. My doctor didn’t know what to do with it. The dentist said, ‘Oh, that caused this, but
it’s gonna take about 6 months to go away.’ I said yeah, I’m gonna call my herbalist! You told me to do the
oil pulling with coconut oil and gave me a homeopathic medicine. Within a few weeks, it was better. When
I went back to the dentist, he was amazed as well.

Nancy: Yes, right. I always ask people to do that first – go see a doctor first. Make sure it isn’t cancer or
something. Without a doubt, it’s really good to see a professional who is trained in this versus trying to do
it yourself. Part of the whole DIY movement is to take responsibility for your body and your life – I love that.
However, you really should see someone at first who is knowledgeable. Just hang in there and get to understand
and get on a program and mange that program. If something goes sideways, absolutely see them again. There’s
a reason why we spend our entire life studying. It just never stops.

If you have one thing to share about your experience in working with Nancy personally, what would it be?

Diane: I would encourage you, just by my testimony first of all. I would say, ‘I was just like you. I went through
traditional routes and that’s great, but you need somebody who knows the WHOLE body and why it’s off. I know
just the person!’ You mentioned several different routes of treating someone whether is Ayurvedic or Chinese, or
homeopathic – you do it all. You know which form to use for those things. I think that we need to realize that – I
can’t be my own doctor. I can’t expect a magic bullet. If I keep walking down the same road every day, why do I
think something is going to change? You can waste years chasing down rabbit holes, or you can stop with [Nancy].
You can have more hope with someone who understands what’s going on in the body, not the ‘why’s’ that you get
when you get bloodwork done. I don’t want to just throw medication at it – that’s just going to cause other problems.
I want to know why my body is doing this. Let’s fix it, let’s heal it, let’s support it. That is exactly what you do, thank you.

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