Journeys to Health

Chapter 9: Lynn’s Overall Experience

Welcome to Chapter 9 of the Blog Series Journeys to Health!

Previously in Chapter 8, we discussed Lynn’s triumphs, struggles, and other lessons
she has learned along her healing journey. Join us this week as we read more about
Lynn’s overall experience working with Nancy. She also shares some additional advice
for anyone seeking out treatment.

Do you still continue care with Nancy?

Lynn: Well absolutely. Life happens, especially as you age. More recently I kind of got off kilter with menopause and some
of the hormonal shifting that happened. You can go to western medicine and get a lab test and they’ll tell you you’re in menopause.
They offer nothing that’s really healthy to support you so you’re not having debilitating symptoms. There’s been many situations
throughout my life where I’ve come back to you and we call it fine tuning or a tune up. More recently we’ve done a tune up,
but you also learn from the road map. You learn how to keep yourself healthy and most importantly you learn a constitutional diet.
We all wander off that diet as life happens but your body tells you very quickly it isn’t feeling as great.

Nancy: Right, absolutely.

Lynn: You may even need tweaks in that constitutional diet as you age. Nancy is always open to those fine tuning sessions, so
you know the relationship is always there as long as you are open to continue working in a natural medicine setting.

If you have one thing to share about your experience in working with me personally, what would it be?

Lynn: Oh there are so many things that I can say but I’m going speak to the one that probably was most challenging for me in
my journey. I’m a person that wants to know why, and I will relentlessly search online for the why. The biggest thing that I could
relate to other people is really to surrender to the process even though you do not understand the why. Just trust the process. It
may not make sense to you, but you are working with a brilliant practitioner who is looking at your entire body, not like a specialist
is in the western medicine world – who’s only looking at your kidneys. Nancy has the knowledge, the intuition and the skills to heal
your body from the entire body perspective. Lean into it, trust it, and know she is with you on this journey the entire way. I
promise you, you will learn so much about yourself and your body’s ability to heal.

Lynn's Experience