Journeys to Health

Chapter 6: Lynn’s Story Begins

Welcome to Chapter 6 of the Blog Series Journeys to Health!

Lynn’s story begins back in 2007 when she had been bitten by a tick. Over the course of 5-7 years her health had completely
spiraled out of control. Although she had tested negative for Lyme right after the bite, she knew that something was deeply wrong.

Lynn had gone to every specialist that you can imagine but was coming up with absolutely no answers. Then in 2012, she had
a family friend who had also discovered Lyme was not an easy diagnosis, encouraging Lynn to start down the path of natural
healing with a nurse practitioner in Rhode Island. At the time in Massachusetts there were very few options for natural medicine.

By 2014, Lynn had tried very unique things to heal including: IV, Vitamin C, and even laser treatments. She still had not reached
the level of healing that she hoped for. Lynn spent a lot of time praying for somebody to be able to find the answers she desperately

Upon seeking treatment for her very sick little puppy in a veterinarian clinic, Lynn met Nancy. It was as if a mystical force had brought
her to Nancy through her dog’s own sickness.

“I knew how special you were because without even knowing me, and also knowing that I was incredibly sick with
Lyme, you cared for my dog, for an entire summer while I struggled, and it was after that journey, I was so emotionally
connected to you, because of your support of my dog, that you opened up finally about how you actually support
people too, not just pets. . .  I had begun to learn about options to treat Lyme, because Dr. Margo Roman was trying to
treat Lily naturopathically for Lyme, and you know the whole – it was almost like Lily was a little cheerleader that
brought me to you in a very spiritual way, and that was the beginning.”

Lynn's Story Begins