Journeys to Health

Chapter 14: Mike’s Story Begins

Welcome to Chapter 14 of the Blog Series Journeys to Health!

This week we begin Chapter 14 with Mike’s story. He had spent multiple decades going through the ups and downs
of physical and mental discomfort. Mike had seen several specialists to help with the advanced degeneration he
experienced in his neck and back. He had also been struggling on and off with weight gain and overall digestive
discomfort. Upon talking with a friend about their own treatment and success story working with Nancy, he felt that
everything was starting to align for him to take back control over his life by making some changes.

What happened with your health that brought you to work with Nancy?

Mike: It was through a referral after talking to a friend about some of the things that you helped her with.
At that point, it just kind of aligned because I had gained a lot of weight over a period of time. I wasn’t
generally feeling well and healthy. I also had systemic back and neck problems; you know general degeneration
stuff. I was having a lot of joint pain, so it just all added up – it was time to make a change, or several changes.
I actually studied a bit about nutrition and have gone through ups and downs before. The more I learned, the
more I felt like I was – would align with you and your practice. It drove me in for the discovery call with you.

Nancy: Right. You had something going on with your neck that was pretty advanced. You were looking for
both external and internal assistance, I think.

Mike: Yeah absolutely, I definitely wanted to physically address things, but also address some more nutritional
and lifestyle changes
as well. I knew I needed to do both. Just like a lot of people with advanced degeneration, in
some of the areas in my neck and I was having trouble with some nerves in particular. I figured I could bring it all
together, maybe, and then work on everything.


How much pain/dysfunction health did you have before working with Nancy?

Mike: So, when the pain was at its worst, it was pretty intense. On a general scale, there were times it would
easily be a 7 or 8. I’d really struggle to get out of bed, which greatly affected my mood. It was anywhere from 2
days a week to 5 days a week that I would feel that way. It was episodic, so it would kind of come and go. I never
really knew what triggered it, but it was pretty disruptive in my life.

Mike's story